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Ticket Info

Tickets for the Showcase are $15 each - plus Taxes & Fees.
Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 15th, 2023.

Here are some important details to know:
  • Seating will be General Admission this year. Due to the large size of our theater, you will have plenty of space to find a set with your guests when you arrive. 

  • ​You will receive 2 Comp Tickets for each dancer in your family. If your dancer is in more than 1 show, you will receive 2 tickets per dancer per show. Comp tickets will come to you in the form of a Coupon Code. YOU MUST STILL ORDER TICKETS for these seats - your coupon code will make them free. 

    • Due to the nature of the ticketing platform, you will need to complete a separate transaction for each show time/color.​

    • If you have a dancer or dancers in multiple shows, you will recieve a coupon code for each show time.

    • Your coupon code(s) will be e-mailed out during the week of May 8th. Be on the lookout for this e-mail (don't forget to check your spam/promo folders) and be sure to reach out to us if you don't receive an e-mail before Tickets go on sale.

  • Performers will not need a ticket for any shows they are perfoming in, but will need a ticket if they are sitting in the audience (i.e. to watch a sibling perform).

  • Children 5 and under who can sit on a lap do not need tickets.

  • To ensure our staff is best able to serve our dancers and families on Showcase day, we will not have tickets available at the door. Be sure to plan ahead and purchase all of the tickets you need prior to Showcase day.

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