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Hair & Make-up


Because the stage lights can be so harsh, all students will want to wear make-up for the performance.  Younger students should wear a minimum of blush and lip gloss (with additional make-up being at the parent's discretion).  Older students should add mascara and/or eye liner, eye shadow (it's usually best to stick with earth tones), and lipstick.  Make-up is important in order for the students' faces to pop on stage and not appear washed out and is a common theatrical tradition.


Hair Styles

Uniform hairstyles are required for each class - you can find this information in the Spark in our Heart Costume LookbookFOR ALL HAIR STYLES there should be NO flyaway hairs, layers, or long bangs in the face.  Use bobby pins, gel, and/or hairspray to secure all hairstyles.  These styles are important for both safety and to eliminate distractions.


Visit our Showcase 101 Board on Pinterest to find excellent make-up and hair tutorials.  


**Please note:  you may do any hairstyle and make-up you wish for Picture Day


**If you are wearing tights with your costume, these traditionally take the place of underwear. Also, no dangly earrings (plain studs are fine) or any additional jewelry such as bracelets, watches, or rings, and no bright nail polish! Don’t forget to take those extra hair ties off your wrist, too :)


**Students with multiple changes may want to wear a nude camisole leotard in order to make quick changes more comfortable, easy, and quick!

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