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All-Inclusive Showcase Fees

All-Inclusive Showcase Fees allow us to simplify the way our families can experience all of the Showcase magic with less of the "To-Do Lists" and dreaded deadlines. Instead of a long list of items to order & pay for, your Annual Showcase Fees includes all of the fun "extras" that make this experience so memorable for you and your dancer. Keep reading to see everything your All-Inclusive Showcase Fee Covers.

Showcase Fee:
$110 per dancer
$90 additional siblings

Remember: Showcase Fees are Due April 15th

We will automatically charge these fees to your payment information on file.

Do you need help with this fee? We are here to help - just contact us to discuss options.

Interested in making a donation to support families with this fee? E-mail us to let us know!


Complimentary Tickets

Your Showcase Fee includes 2 tickets to each show your dancer is performing in. Additional Tickets will go on sale in May.

Program Yearbook

A keepsake for years to come! Follow along with the story line of our show & celebrate our season through words and pictures. Every dancer and family will receive this special program.


Digital Video Links

Get a link to view EVERY show in stunning high definition! You and your dancer won't miss a single number this year because you can watch them all. Share with families near and far or download a version for yourself, too. Video links will be available 4-6 weeks after the show.

February Social.png

Limited Edition Show T

Every Showcase has a one-of-a-kind, limited edition T-Shirt featuring the names of every performer on the back. It's a great way to celebrate a year of hard work and dedication and remember our 10th Anniversary Showcase for years to come. Make sure you have updated your child's shirt size in your Online Account by March 31st. Order extra Showcase Shirts for parents, grandparents, siblings, and other dancer fan club members using the Online Order Form.

Flower Bouquet

It's a tradition to gift dancers with flowers on show day. Pick-up a special SPARK in our HEART bouquet for your dancer at the theater to present to them at the end of their show. NO extra stops for you on a busy Showcase Day! We've got you covered.

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