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Policies and Procedures

At Open Arts, creating a positive, inclusive, and safe studio environment is our top priority. To ensure the smooth and safe running of our studio, all dancers and their families will be required to follow our Studio Policies. 

Open Arts reserves the right to dismiss or take disciplinary action on any customers who breach our Studio Policies or do not align with our Studio Values.


Consistent attendance in class is of the utmost importance to your child's training throughout the season and to the success of the entire group when it comes to preparing for performances. 

We do not offer refunds, credits, or prorated tuition for missed classes. If you do miss a class, you are welcome to attend a make-up in any other class in your child's age range within 2 weeks of your absence.

E-mail the front desk at to schedule your make-up class. PLEASE NOTE: We will not schedule make-up classes during the month of May as all classes will have transitioned to Showcase Prep at this time.

Required Class Attire

Wearing the appropriate shoes and attire to class is extremely important to your child's success and demonstrates respect for the art form, class, teacher, and self. Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labeled with first and last names! 

  • ATTIRE FOR ALL DANCERS can include leotard, tights, leggings, and form-fitted tanks, shirts, and bottoms. NO LOOSE clothing or denim for any class.

    • 3rd Grade and older Ballet Dancers should wear a leotard and tights only and have hair in a bun (or equivalent) for every class. No exceptions. No skirts during barre work, please.

  • HAIR should be neatly pulled back and away from the face.

    • 3rd Grade and older Ballet Dancers should have hair in a bun (or equivalent) for every class.​

  • DANCE SHOES are crucial for the classes that require them. Here are specific needs for each style/class:​

    • PreSchool Ballet/Tap Combination - Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes

    • PreSchool Ballet/Tumble, Hip-Hop/Acro, Music and Dance - Bare Feet

    • Ballet/Jazz Combination - Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Slip-on Jazz Shoes

    • Ballet - Pink Split-Sole Ballet Shoes

    • Pre-Pointe - Pink Split-Sole Ballet Shoes + Bare Feet

    • Pointe - Pink Pointe Shoes (visit Releve Dancewear to get sized for a pointe shoe that is appropriate and best suited for your feet.) Convertible or Transition tights are required.

    • Jazz - Black Slip-on Jazz Shoes

    • Hip-Hop - Tennis Shoes or Dance Sneakers (these shoes should have clean out soles and be worn solely for dance class)

    • Musical Theater - Black Slip-on Jazz Shoes

      • Middle School and High School Aged Dancers will need Black Character Shoes

    • Tap - Black Oxford Style Tap Shoes

    • Acro, Modern - Bare Feet

      • Middle School and High School Aged Modern Dancers may wear Skin Tone Dance or Apolla Shocks (The Performance, The Alpha, The Amp, or The Infinite - *with* Traction)

Dancers who attend class without the proper shoes or attire and/or without their hair securely pulled back may be asked to sit out of certain portions of class if the instructor feels it is necessary for safety.

Visit our friends at Releve Dancewear in Cary for all of your dancewear needs.

Parent Expectations

We are a family at Open Arts and we expect all guests, dancers, families, teachers, and staff to treat each other with a mutual respect and to show equal respect to our studio spaces and the learning that happens inside them.

  • Parents commit to their child's success at Open Arts by working to ensure dancers are at all classes, rehearsals, and events in a consistent and timely manner. Showcase and performance rehearsals are mandatory and critical to the success of all. 

  • Parents understand it is their responsibility to ensure a safe and timely pick-up of dancers at the end of classes, rehearsals, and events. 

  • Parents agree to stay informed on all studio events, dates, and deadlines by reading each weekly Studio Scoop E-mail and other studio communications in their entirety. It is the parents responsibility to notify Open Arts staff if you are not receiving our e-mail communications or if you have any questions or concerns.

Dancer Expectations
  • Dancers will be respectful of their director, instructors, classmates, parents, and the facility at which they are practicing or performing.

  • Understand that there is zero tolerance when it comes to bullying. Dancers will not be physically, verbally, or emotionally disrespectful in person, online, or any other forum.

  • Dancers will show up to classes, rehearsals, and performances on time, prepared, with a positive attitude, and ready to work hard and have fun! Dancers will behave in a way that does not jeopardize their safety or the safety of others.

  • Understand that you are required to wear appropriate dance attire and shoes to every class. Failure to do so will result in sitting out for the duration of the class.

  • If needed, Dancers will bring their own water bottle to class each week. The water fountains in the studio may be used to refill water bottles ONLY. Dancers will not be allowed to drink directly from water fountains and cups will not be provided. Make sure all items are labeled clearly.

  • Dancers will work to respect the studio by always leaving it in a better condition than they found it. Please dispose of all trash and keep food and drinks (other than water) outside of the studio dance spaces. 

Dancer Drop Off and Pick Up

Dancers are not to be dropped off any earlier than 15 minutes before their first class of the day. Please make sure a staff member is present before leaving your child at the studio.

For their safety, dancers are not allowed to wait outside in the parking lot for their ride.

If dancers have a break between classes, they are welcome to stay in the lobby (PreSchool, Kinder and 1st-2nd Grade dancers must have an adult present), but will need to have quiet activities to keep them busy and be respectful of parents and other guests as well as to the Front Desk staff on duty. Open Arts reserves the right to revoke this privilege if there are any issues.

Student Safety

With the safety of our staff and families as a number one priority, Open Arts is very serious about upholding Child Protection laws and policies within the studio, as well as at public performances and in the online arena (website and social media). We work hard to ensure all class material, music, and costuming is age-appropriate and sensitive to our studio culture and brand.

Open Arts takes no responsibility for any stolen or misplaced property on the premises and we encourage our families to avoid bringing valuable items into the studio spaces, lobby, or leaving valuables unattended in their cars when possible.

Open Arts takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained in class, on studio premises, or at any related events.


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